Japan Expo


Tourism Australia and JNTO have hosted a range of events in various regions throughout Japan and Australia under the banner of the Australia-Japan Tourism Exchange Year from 1 January to 31 December 2013. Now teaming up with the annual festival, “Matsuri in Sydney”, JAPAN EXPO is the biggest tourism promotion event held in Australia showcasing aspects of fascinating Japan to a large number of people.

Japan’s nationwide partnership involves a total of 11 organizations taking part to showcase Japanese culture, tourism, arts & crafts, and industry. Eight of these are represented in Sydney; the Consulate-General of Japan, Sydney, Japan National Tourism Organization, Sydney (JNTO), Japan Local Government Centre (CLAIR), the Japan Foundation Sydney, Japan External Trade Organization Sydney (JETRO), Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sydney Inc., Japanese Society of Sydney, and the Japan Club of Sydney. Another 3 are from Japan; the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau, and Oriental Land (Tokyo Disney Resort).

You will find two booths, “Traditional Japan” and “Cool Japan”, where you are invited to experience Japanese culture. In the “Traditional Japan” booth, you can have hands on experience at Japanese traditional games and crafts such as Origami (art of paper folding), Kendama (Cup and Ball), Shuji (Calligraphy), and Ikebana (flower arrangement). At the “Cool Japan” booth, you can participate in an innovative program called “Japan-Australia Online Manga Portrait Service” where a cartoonist in Japan will draw your portrait. You can also try our original portrait software and draw your own portrait by selecting and combining face parts.


Have a go at “Japan-Australia Online Manga Portrait Service”! You can send your photograph from the booth via the internet to a cartoonist in Japan who, in return, will draw your portrait in Manga style and send back to you. For those who are not a good drawer, we have set up software that draws your portrait by putting together different face parts. We will print out your portrait for you to take home. You will entertain a rare opportunity to have your portrait drawn by a cartoonist, or to create your own unique self-portrait! Visit the “Cool Japan” booth and enjoy the depth of the world of Manga through drawing portraits.

Manga Project in Australia

manga manga manga

Let’s Draw a Portrait!

Using portrait drawing software, you can draw a self-portrait on the spot. It takes 1 to 3 minutes.

Have a Pro Draw Your Portrait!

We take your photo and send to a cartoonist in Japan. It takes 20 minutes.


Origami (Art of Paper Folding)

We show you how to fold our special colourful origami paper to make animals and a variety of items we use in everyday life. A single square paper turns into a two or three dimensional object of your choice. People of all ages will enjoy Origami for many hours. Visit the booth and try out this craft!

Kendama (Cup and Ball)

Kendama is one of the traditional games that is still played widely today. Adults will enjoy it as much as children. Kendama consists of a shaft with three cupped end sections and one pointy end with a ball attached to the shaft by a string. It is a very simple design. However, there are so many techniques you can try out. See for yourself!

Shuji (Calligraphy)

We have traditionally valued beautifully handwritten text as a virtue. All school children take a class on writing with Japanese ink and brush. Unlike Western penmanship, in Japanese calligraphy, we manipulate the brush in a stylised way. This has given Japanese calligraphy a distinguished place as “A Way of Writing” and as a means of expressing the soul of Japanese people across the generations. This is an opportunity for you to explore the beauty and the profundity of the written Japanese language.

Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

Flower arrangement is a traditional Japanese art passed down over the centuries. Flowers are arranged in combination with other materials. The structure of a flower arrangement is based on a scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered to symbolize heaven, earth and man. An arrangement is created to maximize the innate beauty of a plant which in turn creates new life. Teachers of flower arrangement will demonstrate their art. Marvel at their superb techniques and the profound world of flower arrangement.


We offer a wide range of information on Japan provided by the Sydney Offices of Japanese government agencies such as JNTO, JETRO, CLAIR, and the Japan Foundation. We also have tourist brochures from all over Japan provided by tour companies.



We present traditional Matsuri games such as “Scoop the Toy Goldfish” and “Paint Your Fan”. You can have your photos taken in yukata with beautiful Japanese scenery in the background.

ORIENTAL LAND (Tokyo Disney Resort)

Take home the pamphlet and novelty items from Tokyo Disneyland. We have fun games to play. Remember to photograph yourself at our character panel.


Take home the tourist information on Okinawa’s rich nature, unique culture and history as well as novelty items. At the booth, you can gather and bottle those remarkable star sands yourself.